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I was raised on the Minnesota Value that “We all do better when we all do better.” I grew up at a time when Minnesota was proud to be a national leader. A national leader in education, protecting our environment, and creating good well paying jobs. I’m running for State House because our values seem to matter less and less at the Capitol. We’ve seen the divisive politics at the national level take over our state, dividing us and our shared goals with the belief that if one person or one group does better the other must not. From the GOP denying union contracts, to prioritizing budget busting tax cuts instead of school funding and needed infrastructure improvements.

I’m running for State House because I understand what happens in St. Paul has real impacts on our lives.

I’m running for State House because we should be able to protect our environment and create high quality, well paying jobs.

I’m running for State House because we need elected officials who tackle the hard problems with innovative solutions.

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